Aqua has wide and liquid sounds, clear and ergonomic user interface, high quality and new principles of the instrument control. All of this is Aqua, the 1st element of the library.

BUY 69€


* Pads, Textures and Motions

* with new Valve Dreams expansion!


* Format: NI Kontakt 5 (Full Version)

* 1500 Mb (NCW Compression)

* Save/Load presets

* Flexible layering of sounds

* Easy and intuitive use

* Effects: LP and HP filters, stereo widener, reverberation

* Download delivery


* Intro Price: 69€

* update FREE (via email)

* We are trying to make an instrument with which all sounds can be used, no useless sounds, no worthless stuff.
* We want to implement a way of library controlling which hasn't existed before. In addition, an instrument doesn't need any manual references, the interface is simple and intuitive.
* All the sounds of the library are recorded from our personal collection of musical instruments, including analog and digital, modern and vintage synths.
* Our goal isn't a huge library size, the library includes just the relevant content.