Pira is a new percussion library, 2st element.

We have added first Expansion. Our library is FOUR times bigger than it was before!!!

BUY 49€

* Percussion


* Format: NI Kontakt 5 (Full Version)

* 4 banks + 7 new banks from Exp 1

* 1000 Mb (NCW Compression)

* 24 bit

* Flexible mixing like a classic console

* Easy and intuitive use

* Effects: LP and HP filters, EQ, enveloper, drive, compression

* Download delivery

* Price: 49€.

* We are trying to make an instrument with which all sounds can be used, no useless sounds, no worthless stuff.
* We want to implement a way of library controlling which hasn't existed before. In addition, an instrument doesn't need any manual references, the interface is simple and intuitive.
* All the sounds of the library are recorded from our personal collection of musical instruments, including analog and digital, modern and vintage synths.
* Our goal isn't a huge library size, the library includes just the relevant content.